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Rotary International exists in 163 countries and goes through dozens of languages, political and social structures, customs, religions and traditions. How is it that over 31, 000 Rotary clubs around the world act in one way? The most basic answer is the standard constitution of the Rotary Club.

One of the conditions for obtaining a charter to become a Rotary Club is to accept the standard Rotary Club constitution adopted in 1922. This document describes the club's administrative techniques for conducting weekly meetings, membership and classification procedures, conditions for attendance, debt payment and other practices related to public affairs and political positions.

When the Rotary Club's standard constitution was adopted, it was also accepted that all existing Rotary clubs would continue to follow their current constitution. Although most of these early clubs later adopted the standard constitution, some clubs from before 1922 still carry on their activities under the prescriptions of their old constitution.